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BEACON Express

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Single Service Completion

Choose one service from the following options: an e-book, a printed book, a digital course, a workbook, a TED Talk style script, a white paper, a presentation deck, or video/talk scripts with treatment. Our team will focus on developing and finalizing the chosen service within a 30-day timeframe.

2. Expert Content Creation:

Benefit from our team's expertise in content creation as we work with you to develop high-quality materials for your chosen service. Whether it's writing engaging book chapters, structuring a comprehensive course, crafting impactful workbook exercises, or developing a captivating script, we ensure that your content aligns with your objectives and resonates with your target audience

3. Professional Design and Formatting:

Our designers will provide professional design and formatting services tailored to your chosen service. Whether it's designing an attractive cover for your book, creating visually appealing slides for your presentation deck, or designing an interactive and user-friendly digital course interface, we ensure a polished and professional appearance

4. Timely Completion

The BEACON Express package is designed to expedite your project's completion, ensuring that your chosen service is ready for delivery within 30 days. Our streamlined processes and efficient project management enable us to meet the deadline without compromising the quality of the final product.

Value-Based Propositions:

1. Affordable Investment

The BEACON Express package offers an accessible price point, providing a cost-effective solution for clients with a limited budget. Despite the low range, you still receive professional content creation, design, and formatting services that align with your chosen service.

2. Expedited Timeframe

e: With the BEACON Express package, you can swiftly bring your chosen service to completion within 30 days. This enables you to capitalize on timely opportunities, reach your audience faster, and start generating results sooner.

3. High-Quality Deliverables

Despite the low-range package, we maintain a commitment to delivering high-quality materials. Our team ensures that the content is well-crafted, engaging, and aligned with your goals. Professional design and formatting further enhance the visual appeal and credibility of your chosen service.

4. Targeted Communication

By focusing on one service, you can develop a targeted and impactful resource that effectively communicates your expertise and message to your audience. This focused approach allows you to deliver a specific value proposition and maximize the impact of your chosen service.

5. Time and Effort Savings:

The BEACON Express package saves you valuable time and effort. Our team's expertise and efficient project management enable us to handle the content creation, design, and formatting tasks, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your coaching practice

The BEACON Express package offers an affordable and time-efficient solution, allowing you to complete one chosen service within a 30-day timeframe. With expert content creation, professional design and formatting, and a focus on timely completion, this package enables you to swiftly deliver a high-quality resource that communicates your expertise effectively to your target audience.

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