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BEACON Fast Track

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Dual Publication

Choose two of the following services to bring to completion within 30 days: an e-book, a white paper, or a digital course. Our expert team will assist you in developing and finalizing the chosen publications, ensuring professional content editing, formatting, design, and distribution, maximizing your reach and impact

2. Workbook Development:

Enhance your educational offerings with a comprehensive and interactive workbook. Our team will create a workbook that complements your selected services, providing actionable exercises, reflection prompts, and additional resources, enriching the learning experience for your clients.

Value-Based Propositions:

3. TED Talk Style Script:

Craft a compelling TED Talk style script that captivates your audience and shares your expertise effectively. Our team will work closely with you to develop an engaging script, refining your ideas, structuring your talk, and ensuring it conveys your message with clarity and impact. You can add on a optional presentation deck for a extra fee.

1. Streamlined Timeline:

The BEACON Fast Track package offers an accelerated timeline, allowing you to complete two of the selected services within 30 days. This enables you to rapidly bring your publications, courses, workbooks, and presentations to fruition, minimizing time-to-market and maximizing your ability to engage with your target audience

2. Diverse Educational Offerings:

By choosing two services, you can offer a diverse range of educational resources to your clients. Whether they prefer reading e-books or printed books, engaging with digital courses, or utilizing workbooks, you provide them with various options to suit their preferred learning style, increasing the value and impact of your coaching practice.

3. Powerful Communication Tools:

The inclusion of a TED Talk style script and a visually appealing presentation deck equips you with powerful communication tools. You can confidently deliver impactful talks, share your expertise effectively, and captivate your audience, positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry

4. Enhance Client Engagement:

The comprehensive workbook complements your chosen services, enabling clients to actively engage with the material, apply concepts, and reflect on their progress. This interactive component enhances the overall learning experience, promoting deeper engagement, and facilitating better results for your clients.

5. Professional Quality and Branding:

The BEACON Fast Track package ensures that all deliverables meet professional standards, reflecting your expertise and reinforcing your brand. From the publications to the presentation materials, our team will ensure cohesive branding and high-quality design, elevating your professional image and instilling trust in your audience.

The BEACON Fast Track package provides an efficient and comprehensive solution, allowing you to complete two of the selected services within 30 days. By combining dual publications, workbook development, TED Talk style script creation, and a visually impactful presentation deck, you can establish yourself as a credible expert, engage your audience effectively, and offer diverse educational resources to enhance your coaching practice.

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